Job Opportunities for Hammer-hands

Hammerhands are probably one of the most valuable and productive workers in the construction industry. They can do almost anything with little or no supervision. And usually, participate in several stages of a building project. That’s why construction companies in New Zealand are listing job offers every day.

To apply for a Hammer-Hand job you should have at least 1 or 2 years of experience doing labouring. Have elementary carpentry trade skills and knowledge. And already have worked with most of the power tools in different building tasks.

Their main purpose is to provide skilled labouring to undertake any given work within the requirements of the directions. Sometimes assisting directly a Builder, in other cases in charge of supervising Labours or working with them. Hammerhands usually reports to a: Foreman, Builder, Carpenter or other supervisors.

Tools are very important

Owning a tool belt with basic hand tools is mandatory for this position: hammer, pinch bar, tape, square, chisel and utility knife. Power tools will be an advantage but not always required: Paslode nail gun, cordless drill, impact driver, circular saw and grinder.

Salary may vary depending on: skills, responsibilities, sector and loyalty (years working for the same company). The wage ranges between $22 to $28 (NZD), but some companies may pay a higher salary if the employee know how to do the job properly.

A valid Site Safe pass is a must. If you are a valuable worker, the employer may provide you training, sponsoring tickets and courses. Any previous ticket, pre-trade qualification or course related to the job will be a plus: WTR, EQC Repairs, Confined Spaces, Height and Harness Safety, etc.

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