Construction Labouring in New Zealand

For those who are new in the construction industry with no qualification or experience, labouring is probably the best option. Labourers are one of the most demanded positions in New Zealand’s building sector. Working as construction labourer can be hard and dirty but is a great opportunity for learning how to use manual and powered tools and get some experience.

Labourers: The entry job for the Construction Industry in New Zealand

If you are planning to find a job in construction as a labourer, the first thing you should buy is a pair of working shoes. Also to complete a SiteSafe passport course is required for most of the employers. Is always recommended to find a job in a small or medium size company as the learning process is much faster. The residential sector is probably the favourite to start.

The main rule in construction is to stay safe, always use all the PPE required for the job. Companies provide you with necessary Personal Protective Equipment: a vest, hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection or dust mask depending on the job.

Some companies tend to target only skilled labours to avoid all the training and learning process. In this case, the experience is a must and owning a tool belt with some manual tools can be an advantage. 
The Labour wage ranges between $17 and $23 per hour. Of course, the more qualifications, tickets and experience you have, more chances of a higher wage.

After working for some time in construction the opportunities come, and you can get an idea of what specific trade you like to follow your dream job. 

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